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Thermal Imaging

  • Handheld Thermal Monocular UNITEC-CM

    Handheld Thermal Monocular UNITEC-CM

    UNITEC-CM is a compact, lightweight and affordable handheld thermal monocular that satisfies your surveillance needs: personal safety, perimeter security, wildlife observation. The unit has wide field of view for better situational awareness and a choice...

    CAD $2,699.00
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  • Multipurpose Thermal Monocular TI-GEAR-M

    Multipurpose Thermal Monocular TI-GEAR-M

    The TI-GEAR-M is the professional-grade thermal monocular designed for multiple applications that involve reconnaissance and surveillance at medium and long distances. The latest generation silent and Auto-NUC sensor is at the base of the TI-GEAR-M. GSCI...

    CAD $6,199.00
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  • Multipurpose Thermal Riflescope TI-GEAR-S

    Multipurpose Thermal Riflescope TI-GEAR-S

    The TI-GEAR-S is the professional-grade thermal weapon sight for aiming and engagement on a wide variety of firearms at medium- and long distances. Ideal for both small, large-size caliber rifles, machine guns, whether single or repetitive firing. It is...

    CAD $7,170.00
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  • Thermal Clip-On Attachment UNITEC-CA

    Thermal Clip-On Attachment UNITEC-CA

    The thermal clip-on attachment UNITEC-CA is a perfect companion that adds thermal imaging capability to your daytime optics. The UNITEC-CA is compatible with the majority of daytime scopes on the market and can be attached directly on a dayscope via...

    CAD $5,399.00
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  • Thermal Clip-On Scope TI-GEAR-C

    Thermal Clip-On Scope TI-GEAR-C

    The TI-GEAR-C is the professional-grade thermal clip-on sight for aiming and engagement designed to work seamlessly with a wide variety of firearms and daytime scopes. The TI-GEAR-C is a plug-and-play unit, deployed in mere seconds with no zeroing needed...

    CAD $7,225.00
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  • Thermal Riflescope UNITEC-TTS

    Thermal Riflescope UNITEC-TTS

    UNITEC-TTS is the lightweight and rugged thermal rifle scope for short- and medium-range observation, aiming and engagement. It is loaded with a stack of useful features designed to aid hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.    Specifications: FPA...

    CAD $5,280.00
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